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Tag Archives: Ukraine


Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Second Fifty

The second fifty days started with a bang in Istanbul and carried on straight into Kiev and then Krakow. Tweet


Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The First Fifty

These are the first fifty of the ‘Photo a Day’ series. It’s all just gone way too fast, incredible fun.   Tweet


Kiev & the Sex Tourists

I never really knew what to expect from Kiev. I definitely didn’t anticipate it to be full of sex tourists and I really didn’t think that my hostel would be crawling with them. My first clue was a large sign at the hostel reception in … Read More


Day Fifty-Six – 3rd July – Kiev, Ukraine.

Dormant tanks look over the Museum of the Great Patriotic War with the Iron Lady looming in the background – Kiev, Ukraine. Tweet


Day Fifty-Five – 2nd July – Kiev, Ukraine.

Easter egg sculpture at Pecherska Lavra – Kiev, Ukraine. Tweet


Day Fifty-Four – 1st July – Kiev, Ukraine.

The People’s Friendship Arch – Kiev, Ukraine. Tweet


Day Fifty-Three – 30th June – Kiev, Ukraine.

Spongebob looks a bit lost without Patrick in Independence Square – Kiev, Ukraine. Tweet


Nicholae & One-eye

This is Nicholae and One-eye (still pretty sure he had two good eyes, he’s on the left). I met them in Kiev train station. Having arrived a couple of hours early for my train to Krakow I decamped to the station bar. There were only … Read More