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Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Seventh Fifty Days – 351 – 400

     As the year away anniversary beckoned i began the seventh fifty days by smashing (actually slipping and falling) through the Tanzanian rainforest searching for Chimpanzees, this was my Facebook status the day after. Get boat meant for 30 people, watch whilst 100 people … Read More


Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Fifth Fifty Days – 251 – 300

I’d left the my base in Buenos Aires behind and found two fine upstanding gentlemen to escort me through western Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. But, i fell out with them so i picked up Mark and Sam instead, or Sparkles and Abuelo to you. Also … Read More


Old Faithful Blows Strong in Colombia

     Disgracefully I haven’t written a blog post since 2011. Before the backlog threatens to overwhelm and terrify me from future blogging altogether, I thought I’d batter out a few words about the Lost City. Very simply put, for the last twenty-four hours of … Read More


My Potential Kidnappers.

By the time I had made it to Panama City I had been convinced. Colombia was next on the list, despite the initial worry. “Don’t people get kidnapped in Colombia?” Apparently nowhere near as much as in the past and even when it does happen … Read More


Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Fifth Fifty Days – 201 – 250

The fifth fifty started with a holiday from my very long holiday, lounging on surfboards and beaches with the misfits. From there i landed in the land of cow and wine, Argentina and headed south to Patagonia. Then i had the most incredible Argentine Christmas … Read More


Panama City: Avoiding the Red Zone.

  I wasn’t in Panama City long. Long enough to take a few pictures of cats, the skyline and a few other titbits, all whilst carefully noting the boundary of the Red Zone. That’s the part of town you want to go to if you … Read More


Costa Rica & Why it meant I ended up in Panama……and Colombia.

Forward planning is my nemesis, i can’t do it.  A few years ago i took one of those Myers-Briggs tests with an emotional intelligence coach. It uncovers all sorts of stuff, but the elephant in the room is my leaning towards the here and now. … Read More


Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Fourth Fifty Days – 151 – 200

Having left the lovely people of the Lost & Found hostel in Panama i headed to the Capital. From there i took a slow boat to Columbia with a crack team of delightful reprobates. Since then i’ve jumped all over Colombia, the perfect accident.   … Read More


Burning Man 2011 – I Was Wrong

  Penguin is a friend of mine. Penguin has a big head.  A physically big head.  This head houses a big brain.  The brain accommodates a lot of words.  Resultantly Penguin talks a lot.  If Penguin dislikes something he tells you about it.  If Penguins … Read More


Kayaking: Day One – The Demise of the Rat

Cast List Me: Yorkshire confused layabout traveller. Space Cadet: Likes to whittle and talk about things that float with Heart Attack Mrs Cadet: Normal Daily food ration equivalent to two elks and a rice plantation Heart Attack (Rambo): Like Ray Mears but much much better. … Read More


Stockholm – The Bookend

As soon as i left London i couldn’t help look forward to Sweden. Two of my best friends were getting married in Ahus and this meant an army of delinquents would be meeting me there for three days of ridiculous merriment. Over three days we … Read More


Helsinki Dulled my Senses

I desperately want to say good things about Helsinki; I really do, except I can’t. Never have I come across a duller city. I had heard tales of a high murder rate and that alcoholism was rife. Surely that would make for some interesting discoveries. … Read More