• The Koala left London 6 years, 3 months, and 11 days ago. But he'll be back and more worldly in 0 days.
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Day Twenty-Two – 30th May

The ‘Needle’ in the Olympic Park, Barcelona, Spain Tweet

Kit Layout

65 Things I’ve Taken Round the World for a Year

Twenty-six days ago i left London to travel the world for a year. I took a long time deliberating and researching the things i would definitely need, things i might need and the things i wanted. In the end this list demonstrates what i took … Read More


Barcelona – Day Four – 27th May

The last day i was in Barca, well, the last day i was sober in Barca after meeting an old friend, so the photos kind of stopped for the weekend.   Tweet


Barcelona – Day Two – 25th May

A mess of markets and Parc Guell in Barcelona Tweet


Barcelona – Day Three – 26th May

Zoo number two was Barcelona’s beautifully designed example, a pleasure to walk around. Tweet