• The Koala left London 6 years, 3 months, and 11 days ago. But he'll be back and more worldly in 0 days.
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Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Fifth Fifty Days – 251 – 300

I’d left the my base in Buenos Aires behind and found two fine upstanding gentlemen to escort me through western Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. But, i fell out with them so i picked up Mark and Sam instead, or Sparkles and Abuelo to you. Also … Read More


Costa Rica & Why it meant I ended up in Panama……and Colombia.

Forward planning is my nemesis, i can’t do it.  A few years ago i took one of those Myers-Briggs tests with an emotional intelligence coach. It uncovers all sorts of stuff, but the elephant in the room is my leaning towards the here and now. … Read More


Budapest – My New Home?

I’ve been to Budapest once before and loved it. I didn’t quite expect to love it even more the second time. Between its bridges, markets, meat with fruit, history, and ruin pubs it holds the top spot of my ‘I could live there’ leaderboard. These … Read More

I'm not a natural traveller

I’m Not a Natural Traveller

I left London on the eighth of May. I’ve been travelling for just over six weeks. Forty-three days since I bowed out from the Smoke with a tear soaked rendition of John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’. The hangover the following day was indescribable, … Read More


Rome – Selected Photos

A tatty zoo, strangely long second toes, rock not rock nights, stepping on peoples’ faces, one of my grooms & wife and nuns eating cake = an amazing 5 days in Rome.     Tweet

Kit Layout

65 Things I’ve Taken Round the World for a Year

Twenty-six days ago i left London to travel the world for a year. I took a long time deliberating and researching the things i would definitely need, things i might need and the things i wanted. In the end this list demonstrates what i took … Read More


Barcelona – Day Four – 27th May

The last day i was in Barca, well, the last day i was sober in Barca after meeting an old friend, so the photos kind of stopped for the weekend.   Tweet


Ginger Men & Ladies: Part 4: Selected Photos