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Budapest – My New Home?

I’ve been to Budapest once before and loved it. I didn’t quite expect to love it even more the second time. Between its bridges, markets, meat with fruit, history, and ruin pubs it holds the top spot of my ‘I could live there’ leaderboard. These … Read More


Day Forty-Two – 19th June

The Chain Link Bridge. The long orange trails are the flaming torches of protesting Budapestians. Tweet


Day Forty-One – 18th June

Piggy patron in the market, Budapest. Tweet


Day Forty – 17th June

The tourist wins, to the great delight of the local opponents friend, Budapest. Tweet


Day Thirty-Nine – 16th June

Homeless, Budapest. Tweet


Day Thirty-Eight – 15th June

Memorial at the The Great Synagogue, Budapest. Tweet


Day Thirty-Seven – 14th June

One of the old-style Budapest trams camouflaging against a riverside building. Tweet


Day Thirty-Six – 13th June

Hungarian graffiti near the Citadel. Tweet