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Bucharest – Selected Photos with some Words and Stuff

I was warned that when i arrived in Bucharest I’d want to leave within the hour. They were exactly right, however they also said stick with it. You’ll end up with a strange admiration for the place. They were again right. Once you tune in … Read More


Day Forty-Six – 23rd June

Sunset within the monstrous fountains in Bucharest’s centre, the blue of Ceausescu’s palace looms in the background even though it’s well over a mile away. Tweet


Day Forty-Five – 22nd June

Whether he wrote ‘homeless people’ on the wall or simply found himself next to it wasn’t clear. What was apparent was the pain he was still in after recently losing his foot. Tweet


Day Forty-Four – 21st June

Not sure what this homeless guy was expecting but one had to admire his helmet making ingenuity. Tweet


Day Forty-Three – 20th June

The long walk for a guard up to the Palace of the People, Ceausescu’s monster of a building. The second largest admin building in the world behind the Pentagon. Tweet

I'm not a natural traveller

I’m Not a Natural Traveller

I left London on the eighth of May. I’ve been travelling for just over six weeks. Forty-three days since I bowed out from the Smoke with a tear soaked rendition of John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’. The hangover the following day was indescribable, … Read More