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Tag Archives: Beer


The Lost & Found Hostel – Panama

       Puerto Viejo got me mugged and Bocas Del Toro just didn’t really do it for me. I needed some country time, animal time, time away from busy beaches and overweight muggers. Someone in Bocas told me about the Lost and Found Hostel … Read More


Vilnius & the Right to be a Dog

Vilnius in Lithuania was my first stop after my week long, self-imposed two week exile in Krakow waiting for the phone that never came. It was nice to be on the move again and Vilnius was a nice surprise before heading up to Tallinn. The … Read More


Nicholae & One-eye

This is Nicholae and One-eye (still pretty sure he had two good eyes, he’s on the left). I met them in Kiev train station. Having arrived a couple of hours early for my train to Krakow I decamped to the station bar. There were only … Read More