• The Koala left London 6 years, 3 months, and 11 days ago. But he'll be back and more worldly in 0 days.
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Kayaking: Day One – The Demise of the Rat


Cast List Me: Yorkshire confused layabout traveller. Space Cadet: Likes to whittle and talk about things that float with Heart Attack Mrs Cadet: Normal Daily …

Stockholm – The Bookend


As soon as i left London i couldn’t help look forward to Sweden. Two of my best friends were getting married in Ahus and this …

Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Third Fifty


The wedding had finished and we’d been kayaking, could anything be better? Decided to wander along to some Burning Man thing to find out…….

Helsinki Dulled my Senses


I desperately want to say good things about Helsinki; I really do, except I can’t. Never have I come across a duller city. I had …

Tallinn in Black & White


Tallinn is one of several places I visited where I longed for it to be winter. An undoubtedly beautiful place, with a chocolate box Old …

Warsaw – I was Told not to Bother………Idiots.


I bumped into several people on my travels that warned me against going to Warsaw. “it’s ugly and a bit boring, not really much to …

Vilnius & the Right to be a Dog


Vilnius in Lithuania was my first stop after my week long, self-imposed two week exile in Krakow waiting for the phone that never came. It …

Krakow – Stags & an Inebriating Tram


I went to the Krakow for the first time last February. The temperature rarely made it above minus seven and we spent most of our …

Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Second Fifty


The second fifty days started with a bang in Istanbul and carried on straight into Kiev and then Krakow.

Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The First Fifty


These are the first fifty of the ‘Photo a Day’ series. It’s all just gone way too fast, incredible fun.  

Kiev & the Sex Tourists


I never really knew what to expect from Kiev. I definitely didn’t anticipate it to be full of sex tourists and I really didn’t think …

Day Fifty-Six – 3rd July – Kiev, Ukraine.


Dormant tanks look over the Museum of the Great Patriotic War with the Iron Lady looming in the background – Kiev, Ukraine.