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Category Archives: Istanbul


Istanbul – A Disappointment? Maybe.

I’ve always wanted to go to Istanbul having heard many stories from friends about how beautiful it was. With this in mind i couldn’t help leave there feeling quite disappointed. The hostel was great and i met some amazing people, Bristolian nurses, Brazilian ladies,  the … Read More


Day Fifty-One – 28th June

One of the many fishermen crammed onto the bridge coming to the end of a long day, Istanbul, Turkey Tweet


Day Fifty – 27th June

A lone Budgie looks the other way. This was taken in the pet market next to the spice market, all the animals were living in hideous conditions. Tweet


Day Forty-Nine – 26th June

The highlight of my Istanbul stay – the underground cistern. Tweet


Day Forty-Eight – 25th June

A simple light hanging in the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Tweet


Day Forty-Seven – 24th June

The interior of the Hagia Sophia, simply breathtaking. Tweet