• The Koala left London 6 years, 3 months, and 11 days ago. But he'll be back and more worldly in 0 days.
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Category Archives: Koala Thoughts


Burning Man 2011 – I Was Wrong

  Penguin is a friend of mine. Penguin has a big head.  A physically big head.  This head houses a big brain.  The brain accommodates a lot of words.  Resultantly Penguin talks a lot.  If Penguin dislikes something he tells you about it.  If Penguins … Read More


Kayaking: Day One – The Demise of the Rat

Cast List Me: Yorkshire confused layabout traveller. Space Cadet: Likes to whittle and talk about things that float with Heart Attack Mrs Cadet: Normal Daily food ration equivalent to two elks and a rice plantation Heart Attack (Rambo): Like Ray Mears but much much better. … Read More


Tallinn in Black & White

Tallinn is one of several places I visited where I longed for it to be winter. An undoubtedly beautiful place, with a chocolate box Old Town, all slightly spoiled by the tourist rodents scuttling around. Having seen Krakow in both winter and summer I’d like … Read More


Vilnius & the Right to be a Dog

Vilnius in Lithuania was my first stop after my week long, self-imposed two week exile in Krakow waiting for the phone that never came. It was nice to be on the move again and Vilnius was a nice surprise before heading up to Tallinn. The … Read More


Krakow – Stags & an Inebriating Tram

I went to the Krakow for the first time last February. The temperature rarely made it above minus seven and we spent most of our time dodging between cafes, bars and our apartment. Desperately seeking out warmth, hot beer, hot wine and hot chocolate. During … Read More


Nicholae & One-eye

This is Nicholae and One-eye (still pretty sure he had two good eyes, he’s on the left). I met them in Kiev train station. Having arrived a couple of hours early for my train to Krakow I decamped to the station bar. There were only … Read More

I'm not a natural traveller

I’m Not a Natural Traveller

I left London on the eighth of May. I’ve been travelling for just over six weeks. Forty-three days since I bowed out from the Smoke with a tear soaked rendition of John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’. The hangover the following day was indescribable, … Read More