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Category Archives: Rome


Day Thirty-Five – 12th June

I realise this is one of many reptiles to make the grade on here but frankly they’re always lit well and don’t move much, perfect. Tweet


Day Thirty-Four – 11th June

My friend Livia is a Roman, her best friend is Kim who i call Marrow because she has a big head, she in turn calls me Big Nose, not sure why. So when i met up with Livia without Kim is seemed fair to text … Read More


Day Thirty-Three – 10th June

My friends Jonny and Suze came to visit in Rome (well they were on holiday and i gooseberryed) , we did the usual and  made merry drinking stops all over Rome. Tweet


Day Thirty-Two – 9th June

How could i not include a nun with her tongue out? Tweet


Day Thirty-One – 8th June

The standard Russell Crowe view of the Colosseum Tweet


Rome – Selected Photos

A tatty zoo, strangely long second toes, rock not rock nights, stepping on peoples’ faces, one of my grooms & wife and nuns eating cake = an amazing 5 days in Rome.     Tweet