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Koala 365 – A Photo a Day: The Sixth Fifty Days – 301 – 350

     As i approached the year away, things just got better and better. There was the second week to finish off at the wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, which was luckily punctuated by the opportunity to go on a four day trip to see two … Read More


Day Fifty-Two – 29th June

Long exposure looking over the riverside main road, Istanbul, Turkey. Tweet


Day Twenty-Two – 30th May

The ‘Needle’ in the Olympic Park, Barcelona, Spain Tweet


Day Nineteen – 27th May

The funicular going up to the top of Montjuic, Barcelona. when you’re on it it’s wonderfully wobbly and noisy. This however seems to make it seem falsely serene. Tweet


Day Eighteen – 26th May

It took me ages to get him with him eye between the bars, plus if I got too close he went for my camera with his trunk, i named him Barrington. Tweet


Day Seventeen – 25th May

These two just looked ridiculous, but so happy, i had to get them Tweet


Day Fifteen – 23rd May

Facade on a building in Sebastian, i know not the name but I’m sure one of my many architect friends will come to the rescue. Tweet


Day Sixteen – 24th May

A long shutter speed interrupted by security, no tripods allowed in the Sagrada Familia apparently, i still like the resulting effect. Tweet